I’m committed to improving the safety of our nation’s schools. I focus on both prevention and protection, by ensuring you have the resources and guidance you need. This highly effective approach is known nationwide as SafeAware©, and has been expertly developed over the past 30 years by company founder, Suzanne Sibole.

SafeAware© will provide you with training, support and consultation. This covers all the core areas, including physical safety, drills, crisis response protocols, violence warning signs, threat assessment & management, parent and staff training on suicide and violence warning signs, and best practices in bullying & AODA prevention. As you can see, it’s extremely comprehensive.

But that’s not all.spw rev2

You’ll receive the ongoing support you need

For you to get the maximum benefit from SafeAware©, your school staff will need ongoing, expert support. So, I provide that support until your staff members are confident: they know exactly what to do and what signs to look out for.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, proven service that’s affordable, yet delivers the expertise you need, SafeAware© is exactly what you want.

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