Threat Assessment Training

You’re committed to making your school a safe learning environment for your students and staff. I’m committed to helping you achieve that critically important goal.

That’s why the high-quality training you need is available to you, right now. And it’s within your budget. Here’s a brief overview.

Training & Team Development

Prevention is better than cure. This is why it’s of paramount importance for your staff to learn how to identify a violent situation, before people get hurt. Yes, serious violence within our schools is, thankfully, quite rare. However, as can be seen regularly in the media, it does happen. In short: Violence Threat Assessment Training gives you the peace of mind of knowing you’re doing everything possible, to reduce or eliminate a serious incident.

Your Violence Threat Assessment Training runs for a full day. It’s been specifically developed for administrators, school resource officers, and student services staff members who will serve on the school or district threat assessment team.

Important: In order for your training to be as valuable to you as possible, it includes hands-on practice with multiple threat assessment tools, along with follow-up coaching and consultation with your team.

Here are just some of the key areas covered:

  • Violence risk factors & warning signs
  • Reducing risk through prevention strategies
  • Threat assessment principles & process
  • Threat assessment guidelines & best practices
  • Developing a threat assessment team
  • Escalation process and pre-incident indicators
  • Lone wolf extremist
  • Threat assessment tools
  • The domestic violence connection
  • Practical interactive threat assessment exercises
  • Training students to break the code of silence

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