Crisis & Safety Plans

The best crisis and safety plan is one created specifically for your school district.

An important part of the SafeAware© System is a review of your current plan with written recommendations for improvement.

_[...] I strongly recommend Youth Risk Prevention Specialists_ for any consultation regarding school safety or threat assessment.(2)

  • Together, we’ll consider every potential hazard that could affect your school.
  • We’ll create clear, easy-to-follow, written guidelines for all staff members for evacuation, bomb threats, family reunification, dealing with the media, debriefing, continuation of business practices, displacement, and student/staff/family recovery.
  • Your plan will also include a description of your prevention activities, strategies for preventing and mitigating risk, incident response protocols, protective mechanisms, detailed recovery procedures, letter templates for all types of crises and recovery resources.
  • You will receive resources to help you assess your physical site vulnerabilities and school climate.

The best crisis and safety plan needs staff training to be used effectively.

  • I’ll motivate your staff to give school safety their full attention, ensuring cooperation and participation.
  • I’ll explain the importance of drills and familiarity with each response protocol.
  • I’ll provide student and parent training so both populations understand their roles in suicide and violence prevention.

I understand the budget challenges schools face. I am committed to providing you with not only an extremely effective service, but one that fits into your budget.

If you have questions or would like to know more about how I can help your district with its safety plan, simply complete the form below and I’ll contact you within 24 hours to discuss your needs.


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