Everyday School Safety Training

It’s a fact: The most robust school safety training only happens when all staff are on board and informed. This is why I developed a powerful, information rich training session, specifically for your general staff.

The all-staff Everyday School Safety Training session is a perfect complement to the Violence Threat Assessment Training. That’s because it ensures that all staff are aware of what to look out for, what to report and what they need to do.

This massively valuable session covers major areas, such as the early warning signs of suicide and violence. This is also an ideal starting point for schools, who are starting out on making safety improvements.

The Everyday School Safety Training session is recommended for every staff member. It includes:

  • Reducing risk through prevention
  • Physical hazards
  • The critical role of school climate
  • Why students fail to report concerns
  • Drills
  • Medical emergencies
  • Observable warning signs
  • Reporting procedures
  • Introduction to threat assessment

This training is also available in an online format so you can train your entire staff at a fraction of the cost of on-site training. 

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