At Youth Risk Prevention Specialists, I provide answers to your school safety challenges by equipping you with the resources and guidance you need to make your schools safer.

My work is about prevention and protection. This is achieved through a series of proven safety practices that I’ve developed over 25 years of working with schools.

spw rev2I’m passionate about making the nation’s schools safer. That’s why I provide a comprehensive safety service called SafeAware, for school districts.

SafeAware includes:  training, support and consultation on violence warning signs, threat assessment and threat management, parent and student training on suicide and violence warning signs, physical security recommendations, crisis response protocols, and  best practices in suicide, bullying & AODA prevention.

But that’s not all. I work with school staff until they’re confident they know exactly what to do. I’m committed to providing you not only with an extraordinarily effective service, but one that is affordable and fits into the budget of every school. It’s a comprehensive, proven service that delivers.

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