Protected: SafeAware© Staff Training – Everyday School Safety

When tragic incidents occur, they tend to be unexpected. Sadly, that also means the strategies required to prevent them or greatly lessen their impact, are often not in place.

The SafeAware© Everyday School Safety training allows you to increase your staff's preparedness by training your staff at the times and dates that work best for each of you.

Here are the key areas in which your team will be trained:

  • Everyday school safety measures
  • Physical security
  • Reducing risk through prevention
  • The critical role of school climate
  • Suicide prevention and warning signs
  • Observable warning signs of violence
  • Referral procedures
  • Why students fail to report concerns
  • Introduction to threat assessment
Module 1 Security, Response Protocols, and Drills
Unit 1 Introduction and Overview
Unit 2 Primary Facets of School Safety
Unit 3 Physical Safety and Security
Unit 4 Safety Plans, Response Protocols, and Drills
Unit 5 Check Your Knowledge
Module 2 School Climate
Unit 1 Why School Climate is so Critical
Unit 2 Student Fighting and Gangs
Unit 3 Suicide Prevention
Unit 4 Check Your Knowledge
Module 3 Violence
Unit 1 Violence, Warning Signs, and Reporting
Unit 2 Violence Threat Assessment
Unit 3 Why Students Fail to Report Concerns
Unit 4 Check Your Knowledge
Module 4 Next Steps
Unit 1 Additional Reading
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