Effective & Affordable

At Youth Risk Prevention Specialists, I believe in providing outstanding value to schools. Having spent my career in education, I am keenly aware of the need for solid, effective training for staff and parents balanced with budgetary constraints.

I have developed an innovative way to make critically important school safety training affordable for all districts.

When you choose Youth Risk Prevention Specialists to provide school safety services, you can select from several payment plans:

  1. Traditional:  Pay for your service package within 30 days of contracting and receive a 5% discount
  2. FlexPlan #1:  Spread payment over 2 fiscal years by paying for 50% within 30 days of contracting and 50% on July 15
  3. FlexPlan #2:  Spread payment over 6 months with automatic monthly payments, at no extra charge

If you’re ready to move forward to create a safer school, please contact me to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.