Knives – the new weapon of choice?

knives - the new weapon of choice?

Suddenly, we are reading and hearing about knife attacks in our schools. While the use of knives to perpetrate violence is not new, this type of violence seems to have jumped onto our radar all at once.

My first thought was, “if there is going to be violence in schools, surely the use of knives can’t inflict the degree of damage that a gun-wielding perpetrator can.”

Or, can it?

I did some research and was stunned to learn that knife wounds to any part of the body can result in rapid loss of consciousness and death. Not only do we need to be concerned about wounds that target the body’s core and internal organs, the reality is that a cut to an arm or leg can sever or injure an artery resulting in grave damage. It would behoove all of us to learn more about how to defend ourselves against this type of injury.