Protected: Increase your School’s Safety in 5 Simple Steps

School administrators, teachers and staff members often worry about whether they’ve done everything they can to make their schools safe. With conflicting information, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

This short course will change that, and empower you to make small changes right away. These simple steps add up to increased safety for your school.

Follow these 5 easy-to-implement strategies to make your own school safer in just one day.

Module 1 School Safety: A Starting Point
Unit 1 School Safety Starts Here
Module 2 Strategy 1: Improve your School Climate
Unit 1 Why School Climate Matters
Module 3 Strategy 2: Pay Attention to Physical Security
Unit 1 Physical Safety Strategies
Module 4 Strategy 3: Clarify Communication Systems
Unit 1 Communication in the School
Module 5 Strategy 4: Mental Rehearsal
Unit 1 Optimizing Drills and Mental Rehearsal
Module 6 Strategy 5: Learn the Warning Signs
Unit 1 Warning Signs of Suicide and Violence
Module 7 Check Your Knowledge
Unit 1 Check your Knowledge
Unit 2 Quiz
Module 8 Final Points
Unit 1 Final Points
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